CRITIQUE : My [GEM JAM] Needs Your Help !

Hello everyone!
This is my first Threadless design, 'GEM JAM'.
Please give me some critiques. Anything!

Also, I'm considering some text on this design...
But I can't figure out a great idea.. so your idea is needed!!

Thank you for your comment !!
Have a nice day~!

Watch this

don't put any other text, the concept is clear


cowgraphics // Umm.. it's pretty hard to apply .. but I wanna know which perspective do you like more!


YaYaOo // Is this ? Okay .. Thank you for your opinion!! : )


How Sprites Glitter on the Inside.


cormo // I just used the pattern overlay. Some textures in Photoshop are useful!


The graphic is sparkly. Once it is on the shirt, it seems dark. Maybe the gems could be bigger and further apart? Also, my statement earlier was a suggestion for a slogan for the shirt.

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