Peace Soldier! LASTDAY!!! vote, im sure you'll like, kkkkk

Check it out>>>
Thanks for everyone the helps me.

Hope you could help me saying if this work as a shirt.
I made it quickly and i like it simple, but i'm still thinking of how can it be improve.

I thiking of take off the blood, people may not like it.

2#>>> I made some changes, what you think? There is a reference for Full Metal Jacket.
Blue or White?

link for bigger image

Watch this
henry botelho

Thanks. In scketch i draw the full dove, maybe i post here, i prefeer just head, i believe proportions are right, I will look that.


maybe more this shape and scratched and dented will make it look better, more like he has been through battle. great concept henry

Wharton profile pic Alumni

I think the helmet is a little small and it would look pretty cool if you had the helmet straps hanging down. I would also try the beak in a white.

henry botelho

Hey, thanks for the image for reference, I draw without search for images, im with internet only in cell, help a lot.

henry botelho

I'm still not sure about the blood. What you think of changes, better?

henry botelho

thanks, i still want to make some changes, my biggest doubt is if it is on the way to winning, i see various designs aproved in threadless that are minimalist and simple, but with a good idea, i'm concern that put a lot of details may get worse.

henry botelho

There is a third change, hope you like.

Blue or White?


Henrique Botelho,

Nice design, Simple and to the point. I like your original design on paper. That's the one I would go with.

Good Luck


henry botelho

Thanks folks, i will wait for more opinions, i like more the white option, to match the theme "peace"

henry botelho

BLUE OR WHITE? thinking in submit tomorrow.


I like blue myself. Maybe if you had some kind of grayed out or light blue texture background on the white shirt would look nice too.

henry botelho

That's final, cause i really like that, i painted myself one of it.


I like it but if there is some blood drooling from the bird's peak it would look sick ^^

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