Patchwork turtle, NEED FEEDBACK! please:) might look a little dirty?

Well, I just finished my second draft of this design, and then I placed it on the shirt, but I don't know about it. Maybe I have a dirty mind, but does the turtle head look too much like an erection? Thoughs? Help? am I just paranoid?

Here is another color option too...

Watch this
jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

now that youve mentioned it, it's all i see

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

I think as long as you keep the placement higher and away from the bototm you'll be good.

Or else yeah . . .


Jeff's so dirty minded.


Alex is right. Also I don't think it could be printed so oversize.

Seriously lovely design! You could easily lower the head if you're worried about jeff ;)


hahahahaha, yeah, I might have to move it... lol would centered in the middle of the shirt be too predictable?

Morkki profile pic Alumni

There's nothing wrong with a center placement, don't worry about it. The turtle looks great, I like the colors and patterns!

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I prefer it on the blue, and you might try some other non-white shirt options. I'd also like to see some more plates on the shell colored or patterned. And maybe some subtle shadow or ground texture to... ground... the art?

alexmdc profile pic Alumni

Also looking at it now, the wrap around print with simulated press might be a problem, unless it's not going to wrap around the shirt?

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

I don't like the wrap around print myself. I would prefer the turtle just on the front. For colors I prefer that sort of seafoam green / blue color


I also added some darker lines on the head so you can see it better. Is this shirt too girly for a guy?????

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

i'd wear it. I still think it could use a tiny bit of extra stuff to liven it up a bit. It's colorful but feels a bit flat. I notice some of the lines are dark black and others are faded: maybe if you made them all black it would bring this out of the shirt more.


Okay, added some more to the shell and have three different color combos. I know everyone hates white, but I seriously like this on creme. Oh well... lol


Need help with color choices!!!! Seriously, but I think the design is almost done



Creme is the best tee color for this I think. Or white.


i think it looks great on the creme. i would submit that one. the background you added is great, gives it some context.

really beautiful work.


final draft! I just submitted it! thanks for everyone's help!!!


wow the final design is great!

rhobdesigns profile pic Alumni

the turtle looks great! I think it'd stand out more on plain white tee or any color that is neutral

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