"Magical Gathering" is pending! hope you like it!


And thank you all for the awesome help and titles suggestions :D

Watch this
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BROWN for sure. Can you explain the design a bit more so we can help with the title?

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

pienso Olive

i think you should keep the title simple and referential. Magical Gathering :P

Tony Centeno
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Thank you guys!

Ok, this design represents two Magic cards, having a pleasant conversation, telling anecdotes while sipping refreshments: D

So here I added the sign above the Gathering to make it easier to understand the joke within the design: D


you could make it even more simple and just call it "Magic"


i prefer asphalt tees, but the colors really pop well on the brown.

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Magical Gathering makes sense to me. Without a title to reference the game people may be a bit lost on the reference since there is so much going on.

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littlem said:

you could make it even more simple and just call it "Magic"

Or simple "The Gathering."

Brown for me too.

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gath·er·ing/ Show Spelled [gath?-er-ing] Show IPA noun
. an assemblage of people; group or crowd.

Bio-bot 9000
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I like it on brown and asphalt. Just a thought: I had to look at the knight for a while to realize it was a card and not a tiny knight sitting in a helmet. The wizard is pretty obvious, but not the knight. Maybe show a bit more border, add subtle background or, change it somehow.


Great work, maybe "The Mighty Gathering" ok :)

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Asphalt is nice but… I prefer brown. :) "Magic Break" "Off Duty" "Chillin" "Drinking Buddies"


I too like Magical Gathering.

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Still Pending???

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