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cool glitch to see active shirt scores

if you view a design that has finished scoring and then click next you will see that active score for it. Andy G is scoring particularity well right now

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celandinestern profile pic Alumni

I dungeddit. You view your own design that has finished scoring? or whut?

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Any design that has finished scoring. But you can only spy on subs you haven't scored yet. This bug is probably related to the fact that the code is based on Atrium where all subs finished scoring at the same time.

jaypaulo profile pic Alumni

nyenyerejunior also pointed this out, a couple of weeks ago

You can always log out to check them all

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I'll usually just surf what's scoring by average score, that gives you a pretty good idea what's doing well. By page 3-4 you're below the 3's typically. It is a neat trick though. :-) I wonder if Threadless will ever fix it.


but you can't see the score of a tee of your own choosing, amirite?

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