WINEBO-CON 4: Arrival/Departure List

This is the list of arrival/departures for Winebo-Con 4, happening February 16, 2012 in Santa Barbara. This list will have ongoing changes.

Please provide duration, arrival/departure times via comments.

The I'm Going List:

  1. valorandvellum (F 1:30p-M)

  2. Rachel Ray Gun (F-M)

  3. dhendy (F-Su)

  4. Dan Yingling (F-Su)

  5. shimala (F-?)

  6. pilihp (F 3/4p-M)

  7. 6of15 (F 8/9p-M)

  8. chipmnk (F-M)

  9. tpford (lives in SB)

  10. aglswapbuffers (lives in SB)

  11. aglswapbuffers' man friend (lives in SB)

  12. funkie fresh (F-M)

  13. Ryder Revolution (F 1:05p-Su 3:55p) - LAX -> Driving SUV

  14. jasian (F-M)

  15. polynothing

  16. sketchboy01

  17. sonmi (F-M)

  18. Mr. sonmi (Sa-Su)

  19. Twiggyhall (F 8:12p-Su 6:05p) - Long Beach airport

  20. Twiggyhall's hubby (F 8:12p-Su 6:05p) - Long Beach airport

  21. everything

  22. everything's lady

  23. jublin (F-M)

  24. abeadle (F-M)

  25. jstumpenhorst (F-M)

  26. Chengui (F 1:30p-M 6:30p) - SB airport

  27. Ryder Revolution +1 (F-Su)

  28. Ryder Revolution +1 (F-Su)

  29. amstrak01 (F-Su)

  30. Steve the Great (F 11:07a-M 9:26p) - SB airport

  31. ir0cko (F-M)

  32. 5eth (F-M)

  33. jeffreyg (F-M)

  34. Emily Wilson (lives in SB)

  35. Emily Wilson's +1 (lives in SB)

  36. ayca

  37. ayca +1

  38. aglswapbuffer's friend, Joe (lives in SB)

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valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Old San Luis is nowhere near as good as Firestone. Firestone or bust!


Firestone was that place we went for Guinness toast right?


Naw man, Firestone was the barbecue place where we made dad jokes.


Oh, oh, oh, oh oh oh oh oh ohohohohohohoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyolololohahaha

jublin profile pic Alumni

I want Firestones! I don't think our group is heading back up to SLO unless I'm out of the loop.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

i think it's going to happen for me if scheduling doesn't get messed up. it looks like my requests off were approved, but i need to wait until it's published to confirm. :D


Randy Randy Randy Rand Randy!!!!!

yay :)

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

i'm THERE! schedule just got posted and i've got thursday-monday off :D

jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

F-M for me too

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