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East meets west... good enough?

What do you think... is this good enough and can I use the Starbucks logo with the slanted eyes and in red (think Japanese flag). Also note the shape of the coffee stain :-)

Watch this

i think it will be rejected if you leave the starbucks logo because of copyright laws. but i like the concept :D. maybe it will be enough if it's just a coffee mug with a stain. don't know.


Agreed, nice idea and well executed but will probably be rejected because of the logo. Redbubble might take it though.


Ok, thanks for the feedback... made a new logo that hopefully might make one think about starbucks and japan at the same time. Would it be better to do the logo in starbuck-green?


Hi again, I have changed the logo now to something that should remind you of the starbuck logo when giving it a quick look... what do you think, ready to submit?


Love it, Awesome concept buddy, and I defiantly think of Starbucks when I see that logo :D. Im going to buy this if it gets printed :D



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