So I HAD a Big Interview....

UPDATE: Ya I didn't get the job...

... and I'm super nervous and freaking out about it. I REALLY want this job. I've been unemployed since last August, and this job is like fantastic.

So if you have nothing better to do... send me good Threadlessy vibes!! I could use it.

Also, let's hope I don't puke. That would be super bad, I think.

Have a great day!!

Watch this

Best of luck, Sweety!!! :)

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Don't puke all over your interviewer! Some advice I've received that I always try to remember is "It's just a conversation". Made me feel less anxious the last time I interviewed. Good vibes~


Good Luck!!!!! :D


Try to breathe calmly and profoundly, this way you won't hyperventilate and maybe won't puke. Then come back here and let us know you got the job!

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Good Luck!

As someone who hires people often, all I would suggest is that you be confident and speak well. You'd be surprised how far that'll get you.

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good luck! I had an interview too today! yay jobs!


thanks for all the good wishes guys. i thought the interview went well, but today i got the email that we aren't moving forward.


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Dang, sucks you didn't get it. The job market is tough. :-(

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Oh bummer, obviously I didn't read all the posts before I posted. Sorry to hear, better luck next time.


thanks guys. yeah it just really blows. i may end up having to try my luck up in Chicago (parents live there). anybody know how the market is there?

on a lighter note tho, just got the stats for my monster's inc. sub and it turned out to be my highest scoring design yet, with the most scores i've ever gotten. :D

almost as many ones as fives tho... is that weird?


Awww :( Dirty darn!

But yay for good design score! That always brightens one's day, doesn't it? :)


Breaking 3 is fantastic! :)

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