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V2 update WIP

Woah, sorry about the insane multiple posting before, I literally have no idea how that happened. Apologies to the other multiple poster earlier on today that I was shaking my head at with displeasure.

I thought I'd be off the starting blocks and have at least two subs in the game by now, but I just can't seem to get my game on.

Anyways, this is a new idea based upon the poem by William Blake 'Tiger tiger burning bright'. Any thoughts?

Watch this
Musarter profile pic Alumni

Great concept and look. I am not great at making realistic flames but I think this looks pretty good. Right now it looks a little bit like it is being hit by a blow-torch from below. Adding more lighter high-lights and making some of those vertically straight flames more wiggly might help.


Looks more DBH than TLess to me. Not necessarily a bad thing ;) The right side jaw bone looks like it's a stick stuck in its mouth (stuck stick! stuck stick! say that again!).

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I think that more illustrative flames would make it a little more "Threadless-y". I have a Tiger Tiger Burning Bright tee from here and I love it. But I love the skull and the details I can kind of see and it's a shame they're being covered up.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys. I think it might just need a few highlights, thanks Musarter.

I was thinking its a bit DBH too, but Threadless do print things like this from time to time and I always submit things here first anyway. Thanks Manu, all I can see is a stuck stick now!

Baka. I think this scale doesn't really show off the details very well. Perhaps I'll try a flamier version and try and reveal a bit more of that detail too.

Thanks a lot everyone!

jeffreyg profile pic Staff

idk, i love your stuff but im not a fan of this.. i see what you were going for but i dont think it was well-executed

pilihp profile pic Alumni

the idea has potential, but right now the execution is messy and hard to tell what's going on.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Double whammy, ouch! '...poorly executed'...' ...execution messy...'. I solemnly swear to try harder, I can change Phil, I can change.

Screw you Jeff you Douche :)

Thanks guys.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

This is kind of what I'm picturing in my head for the flames. To compliment the super rad detail of the skull.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Oh, yeah, thats a looks great, thanks for the image. I'll try that out tomorrow, thanks. By the way, your tumblr is awesome, your work is so aces!

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Thanks Chris, you're pretty awesome yourself! :-) Can't wait to see an update on this.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

I'm not sure what happened with that last comment, I started using Mario English or something. Thanks Miss B

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

I love the bottom part and don't so much love the top part. The flames up top seem sort of just scribbled in, maybe reworking them as per Baka's excellent suggestion could fix that. Also I wish I was seeing a little more tiger in the upper part, like maybe hints of the forehead and eyes, not quite burned away yet. I love how the jaw is exposed and I love the flame on the chin and really the whole bottom half is quite nice. There's an awesome piece in there, you'll dig it out yet :)

jaypaulo profile pic Alumni

That's a cool tiger tiger skull. It sure deserves some cooler flames.

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Ok, so I've not quite done what I said I would do, but I'm working on another version too. so I've changed up the colours and introduced some movement within the flames. I'm going to try a more illustrate version with some solid colours and curving flame lines too. Thoughts?

Wharton profile pic Alumni

Okey cokey, so this is a a wip of the wip I'm currently working fro the second theme. Biggest thanks of the wonderfully telepathic Baka, for all her help.

Morkki profile pic Alumni

Drawing nice flames isn't easy but the last one is going in the right direction, I think. One thing that's off in the first version is that the fire looks flat. More realistic flames would have a range of colors from white and yellow (where they are the hottest) through orange and red.

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