Need some help submission declined!!

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can't see the image through the link, sorry. can you host it somewhere else - flickr, photobucket etc etc

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It's a solid start but it needs more work. Maybe get rid of the black outlines on the melting stuff and try to add some textures or simple details here and there. Maybe use this as an example of line quality to aim for?


Ok, amazing drawing, thank you so much! Would you change the composition of the illustration in the t-shirt? or change the colors? by the way how did you put here the draw, so I can put it in a future with some other designs i will make. Thanks again is very useful I'll try some changes! (and sorry for my english!)

Sam MacGregor

I agree with shimala and would also that you should utilize more space on the t-shirt. Maybe consider utilizing the neck part of the t-shirt as the paint source and center the figure under it. keep at it!


Great idea, thank you so much I'll try making it. Thanks again!!!!

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your link is private

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