Professional site address ~ artists?

I'm considering getting a new address for my website. I want to take a step towards something a bit more professional as an artist. (my current site will still forward to what ever I choose)

I'm thinking of using my full name but wonder if people will misspell it or not remember it correctly.

I might abbreviate it or something. I'm just wondering out loud here I guess.

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I guess the spelling of Nichole isn't too common... So you'll probably be able to snag whatever address you choose :) But then it's possible people may confuse the spelling occasionally? Hmm.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

Your name is easy enough and besides, most people that will be visiting your site will be clicking a link that's already there or reading it right off of your business card. Very rarely am I fully typing out a website that I'm visiting.

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true, everybody comes to artist sites through links.

Palito's way is a great compromise, that way you can use whatever you like. I'm always torn because I don't want to use my long unwieldy Eastern European name but most other things don't sound as professional. I guess I'll worry about it when I finally decide to make a decent site :)

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