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Yay my threadless order is here :)

Thanks threadless for being so awesome! reshipped batch of shirts in time for the lunar new year celebrations :)

Also took the chance to buy a monoprice tablet so hopefully I should be back in action soon!


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:-( where do you live?


That's a real bummer you don't have your order yet :( We're reaching out to you via email to confirm your address and work out replacement if necessary.

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i placed an order on jan.5 and it still hasn't shipped, and i ordered an iphone case dec.29 that still hasn't shipped, they sent me an email about the case though

whats goin on threadless :P

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Sucks when that happens and you ordered something that's run out that can't be replaced. Hopefully that's not the case with you. :-) Luckily Threadless has amazing customer service.

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Singapore. yes, threadless has always been amazing, i dont blame it.

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i will try and contact the local post office first

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and thanks catsweaters!

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yay update!

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