"Wasted Space"WIP UPDATE #2

Hi Everyone! This is my design I have been working on for about a day and could really use some help from some awesome people like you! I need some shadows still and I am making a logo for the garbage can as we speak! Thanks everyone for the help!

Watch this

I added texture to the trashcan and added some more space waste! I still have to erase the inner lines where the space overlaps.What can I do to improve it even more? Thanks everyone :)


Ok, maybe this is a dumb idea, but what if the can said "Waste of Space" instead? Seems like it would be better wordplay. I like the idea though. Could the "space" look a look more oozy?

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The space part does not look organic. The bin is a bit too bold and rigid. Get rid of those fat outlines and make the lines not so perfect. The perspective is off quite a bit too. The logo needs some work. It doesn't look very official or serious.


That's actually a great idea Vodkayln! Thank you for the help and I will starting changing it right away.:D


Thank you xiv for the comments! I will start working on fixing this up right away.:)



Great concept. I like the 2nd design the best. A suggestion is to maybe find a celestial body that is more human/animal like for the "space: in the trash. Go googling for space and search images. Have you consider the color of the Tees yet? This may affect the color of the trash can and/or your "space/stars" colors.

Good Luck


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You should remove the text. It's not necessary.


Thank you dBranes and Bio-bot 9000 for the help! :D

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