Tee Templates of Threadstaff?

Hey Guys,

I've seen some subs which feature their design on a model, but the photos are different then what I have. I have the template pack from xiv's blog, but I've seen some lately with models that are cooler with nice backgrounds. I think one of them is even of Threadstaffer Dan?

Any idea where these come from? Do you have to be BFFs with someone to get them?

Just curious.

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pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

can you be more specific? you could be talking about something from an old submission kit. Or maybe someone photoshopped an existing product shot? or possibly pulled something out of the threadless blank shirt flickr pool.. although I don't think anyone's used that in awhile.


everyone wants to use dan the man!


here's one of them i've seen a few times. these's also one of dan (i'm pretty sure it's him) although i can't find it...


I have all of Ninth Wheel's templates -- if you want them, email me @ outlawrw at gmail dot com.


Ok, I forwarded the email containing the files that I received many moons ago -- hopefully it helps you out. If not, email me again and I'll send my official copies.

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