Looking for some feedback

Hi there!

I was wondering if some of you guys could give me some feedback on my design concept ^_^
I intend this image to be printed on laptop sleeves and such, I don't think it'll work on a t-shirt. I want it to stay very clean, with just a hint of shading and one supporting color.

What do you think?

Watch this

and suddenly the inspiration bomb exploded! o_o I'm going to try a version with roses made of text too.

at the moment I prefer the swooshy text one, the fifth one. What do you think?

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What exactly is the concept? Can you post larger images? It's hard to see detail. Is it a girl writing in a book? Reading? There should definitely be some color to make this more eye-catching. I like the rose in the first image, but there could also be text involved (not necessarily making up the rose, but superimposed behind or in front of it.


Oh I'm sorry! I thought that you could enlarge the images by clicking on them! o_o

The girl is reading a really big and old book and she's encaptured by the story she's reading. It's a bit of a sweet story, and I would like to give that feeling to the viewer of this image as well (relaxed and an bit sweet).

Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it! Here's a bigger image of the girl so you can see what's going on a bit better :)


So I've been working on this a lot the last two days, and I personally really like where this is heading ^^ Now I'd like to hear what you guys think of it! Any feedback is welcome ^^


definitely would be nice as a girl's tee :)


Nice illo, but it's probably not strong enough on the concept side of things to do well here. Look at what gets printed!

The book is too dark, and should cast some shadow on her legs.

I want it to stay very clean, with just a hint of shading and one supporting color.

I wonder if you shouldn't stick to that ;)


It's really nice! I think that with some color adjustment and a defined lineart it will be amazing!


Hey thanks for the all the advice and compliments!

I'm still working on it, though halfway I found out that I was working on 72 DPI so I had to do a lot of stuff again... -_-

I plan to post my next version tonight! ^_^


Alrighty! I've finished this painting, and now I'm very much wondering what you guys think of it ^_^

Personally I'm not a very big fan of the tank tops. I don't feel like this illustration is a good option for clothing, but if you think otherwise I'd love to hear so! ^_^

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