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Hey all, I have started a new social art/design website. Aiming to get us to re-engage with the everyday things that surround us with the help of our childlike imagination which has been hidden away by adulthood.

Be cool if you guys could go take a look and engage with it :-)

Watch this
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thankyou muchly, can find me on twitter



bump this.

sorry dude, not sure what you mean?


Nothing actually, it's just a way around here at Threadless to support a blog and have it on the first page of the blogs list for everyone to see it (when you comment on a blog, it become the first in the list, like it was "bumped" from a lower position in the list).

Btw, i'm sorry but i don't have twitter.


Cheers :-) Really glad you like it, have put a new pic online


I saw this old petrol station as I was on my way to hammersmith in London. It looked like a super cool UFO waiting to lift off, I wanted to climb in

dnice25 said:

Really great Idea. I've been thinking about creating an artist social site for awhile now also.

cool :-) would be great to see your site happen, also please do share mine if you can, someone uploaded this the other day, is genius :-)


So excited that people have started interacting with the posters I have been putting up around London, here are the first two, puts a huge smile on my face when people interact with art :-)


Love it, man!! Really great ideas!


Awesome! keep it up dude!


Cheers guys, really appreciate the feedback :-) Please do sign up to the newsletter through the site, or follow me on twitter ( i always follow back!) @whatiseewhen

The guys at Bank of Creativity ran this project linked to the posters, go take a look at the amazing creative results


Hey all, check out another cool new pic on the site, be great to hear what you all think and maybe do something for the site yourselves too :-)

street light scales

I often see many things when I look at street lights, but on this occasion I was around London somewhere and I saw weighing scales! ....perhaps I was thinking of baking another cake


Cheers Goliath :-) feel free to follow on twitter @whatiseewhen or subscribe to the site newsletter via the site, in the meantime check out this new one

CHURCH ROTOR BLADES Not sure where this one came from in my head, but I saw Helicopter Rotor Blades atop the steeple of this beautiful Church in Balham.....ermmm...really can't explain this one :-)


finally checked it out. great stuff on there... also, a very nice idea.


Thanks mate, check out this one I just "saw" today

SXSW Drain

I stopped above one of the many drain covers in central london and saw a compass encased in it, not sure it would have much use, but that's what I saw :-)


Hi all,

As some of you know, I have been running for a couple of years now, about 6 months ago I had the idea to use some of the most iconic images from the site and put them into a coffee table book, but then a brilliant writer friend of mine pushed the idea further and suggested getting writers around the world to submit short works of fiction based on the images I had created, the result was the book entitled


The book contains 14 images from the site, accompanied by 14 carefully selected works of fiction based on the images I conjured in my head and then in photoshop

I am really chuffed to let you know that the book is now available to buy through Lulu and Amazon All profits will be donated to Parkinson's disease society. Here is an estimate of how much will be made for charity via both Lulu and Amazon, it varies because of the percentage Amazon take for distribution on their site.

On Lulu, approximately £2 for each book sold goes to charity.

On Amazon, approximately 67p for each book sold goes to charity.

Even if the book is not your cup of tea, it would great if you could share it on social media to help raise some money for a very worthwhile cause. Thanks again for your support on this uniquely creative project i am proud to have been involved in.


Thanks dude :-) Please do share it with others if you can, all for a good cause :-)

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