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I need to raise an extra $1k before the end of the month...

What is the best solution outside of gigolo/stripper/pornstar? And no, combining them in anyway does not make them an alternate solution.

Annnnnd Go!

Also, it should be mentioned this is just if I want to move to a really awesome place in cali, theres no emergency or money troubles...I just dont have quite enough to make a move to the place I want right this moment, so im trying to brainstorm

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Commissions? Get printed? Draw porn for money? That's kind of like artist prostitution.


Yeah, im trying to figure out a way to setup some kind of commissions thing...if people would even want that from feeling quite inadequate as an artist these days


Hmmm. Send hints to the threadstaff that a print or two would be much appreciated right now?


Donate plasma/blood/sperm/extra kidney??

Also, hi Steven :)

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Try to find paid research volunteer opportunities (universities, hospitals, etc.). Check Craigslist jobs under "ETC" or search for keywords. I've volunteered for psych studies (answer questions/play games while hooked up to an electrocardiogram for an hour), and made about 25-50 bucks a pop. I also recently completed a 2 day medical study for $500, requiring a 48 hour stay in a hospital and periodic blood draws. It worked out well because I had a break from school & work, but some studies require specific demographics (age/gender/race/medical condition) that you may or may not match.


Wait, do you get paid to give blood in America?

We just get given cookies and an orange juice...

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some states or cities will pay for plasma, but not all. I think it's a supply/demand thing. I was compensated for the research because it involved taking multiple doses of medication and being confined to a hospital ward for 48 hours, having blood drawn up to 4 times per hour, collecting all my urine, and eating a specialized diet. I had access to WiFi and television, so it wasn't terribly awful, but I was certainly glad to be let out!

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if youre going the sperm route, be aware that theres lots of blood tests and sperm donates you have to do.

also they prefer you to be at least 5'9-5'10


Oh yeah, the lab study thing makes sense, I think you certainly earned your $500 :) I was mostly looking at what Twiggy said in her list of things to donate :P

I've never actually given blood before, I tried to when I was 16 but I was slightly under the weight requirement... and I haven't had the opportunity since.


I cant take most meds, I have reactions to everything

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Craigslist gigs? Take out a loan?

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yeah, I mean, if you're not 5'10" where did ya get all that sperm from in the first place? ammiright? jk jk,

But dude, Sheep's Clothing is a rad design. Go on craigslist and do a couple commissions or something. I BELIVE IN YOU


I actually was just in this situation myself. Wanted to buy this place, but needed about a grand more for a down payment to make it feasible. What I did was sell a bunch of stuff on ebay, and I was actually able to hit my goal. I'll be moving into my new place in a couple weeks :) I'm talking stuff I didn't even really want to sell. I just looked at what I had around that I thought could raise money quick, and I listed it at prices that would help me attain that goal. I did a bunch of 3-5 day auctions. If it sold at the prices I asked, great. If not it wasn't going to help me attain my goal anyway so I held onto it. Like I said a lot of it was stuff I didn't want to sell, but I wanted the place more. Everything I sold can and probably will be replaced in time. The place was only available right now. Had to weigh which was more important. Might be worth checking out what you have around. If it's valuable (and replaceable later) sell it. Might surprise you how much you can raise.


eBay all the stuff you don't need.


i hear you can make decent money donating plasma (other goo in ur blood). not sure how much.

also selling stuff works too.

if you find something better, be sure to post it here. lol.


there are no plasma donation places even remotely close to me, though id probably have a hard time doing that...ebay could be a good idea

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are you a member of REI? if so you could get like full refunds on stuff youve bought, no matter the condition.

jet approves

Got any savings bonds lying around?


You know how sometimes you find change lying around in your couch cushions? That happens at Jeanette's house. Except with Savings Bonds. :)

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Yeah I'm not sure. Have you tried selling prints or original art? You could do the blogs or etsy or something.

I'm with everyone else if you have something you can part with that has monetary value that is replaceable later? As a side note if you sell stuff.. that's less stuff to move and the move will be cheaper :) you can seriously replace any non-sentimental furniture stuff from craigslist.. you can get almost anything on CL in cali.


The place I want is fully furnished, and any furniture I have would just go to my family here...I actually don't have a lot to move with other than my computer/work setup. The move is going to be pretty cheap, but im definitely looking to sell some stuff I wont need.

ORabbit Designs

You're in Burlington? Time to start spanging.

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How's the move / purging of stuff / gathering money thing going?
I don't have much of an idea other than what it seems like you're already doing. But I hope it's going well :)


Things are going great. I have a guy coming to look at my car tonight, selling that. Just filled out an app for a sweet place in Hollywood. I landed a pretty nice contract as well for some illustration work. The pieces are falling into place.


guy is going to make me an offer on my car tomorrow, he really digs it...the place my friend and I applied to is pretty much a lock....less than 2 weeks and im out of the 9 degree weather and into the 70s

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Submit more designs!

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nice! So excited for you :) I almost never get up that direction anymore though. I just can't come up with a good reason. The closest I get these days is Pasadena. So if you're ever up to go to the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market let me know. I do that almost every month now since my bosses made it clear that they like it when I go and look for vintage stuff heheh

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Aww you're leaving Burlington? I love Burlington!


I didn't even know you had ever been to Burlington :'(


well, there's like 20 Burlingtons


there is only one south burlington

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