Is there any way I can make this ex-client work into functioning submissions

I'm open to anything be it cheesy, offensive or a lame pun.

Watch this
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not here

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these are both superadorable, but nothing comes to mind in terms of threadless context.

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the sun in the heart kind of looks like a penis....if that inspires or arouses :)

Mountain Gnome

Maybe without all the banners the top one could be something along the lines of 'love makes the world go round' But actually they do not pack as much of a punch as your recent batch of subs... they are amazing!


Yeah, maybe you could rejig number 1 into a kids sub...


Looks ready to go if you ask me. If you wanted to change it, you could have the Earth shielding his eyes as he's kinda being blinded by the shininess of the sun,moon and stars. You'll have to make them into characters as well.


Aw shit, I need to get my eyes checked. I read the banner on the Earth as 'You make the world shine.' In case you're wondering wha d ass I was talking about in my previous post.

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