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CS2 for free or not?

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I saw that they were doing that for Gimp users yesterday and thought that was awesome of them. Though really, you could probably find a legit version for a decent price on Amazon or eBay since it's several versions back.


I heard about this today. What's the catch? Someone download it and tell me.

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I have CS4 photoshop but nothing else, so I'll give it a try... I'll let you know what happens in 47 minutes.

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Oh yeah I didn't read that article properly- sounds like it definitely won't work. This download is taking forever too so I'm just going to cancel it


I think it works on Windows 7, might need some tweaking (I could search where I read that if needed). Dunno about W 8 though.


well at least adobe lets you "rent" the programs now. i have unlimited access to any and all CS6 programs for $50 a month

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Downloaded it anyway since I was curious. I realise it's not totally legit to be using it, but it seems to all work totally fine for me. I'm using OSX with intel too...

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fleck: why is it "not totally legit to be using it"? It's coming straight from Adobe right?

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why would it not be legit? it's on Adobe's actual website... not that I need it since I'm using CS5 but still. It seems legitimate. It also makes sense for to offer an old version for free that's so different than the current version for free. I would think it would significantly reduce the number of people pirating the new versions.

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Yeah I get what you're saying. The statement that's on the forbes link at the top says differently though-it's technically just for existing customers if they need to re-install. Seems a bit like what apple did with their OS updates- you could buy a single version or family version at two prices, but both were the same disk with no serial codes.

I hardly ever need to use illustrator/indesign so I'll keep them for the odd occasion. I've tried to stay away from pirate copies of programmes so this is a pretty sweet alternative!


Looks like this thing is now over. Does it mean the CS2 activation channel is working again, or that they just decided to hell with old-timers using dinosoftware? I plan to reinstall my own CS2 on my new laptop and it would suck majorly if I couldn't.

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