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What is a good score nowadays?

Hey guys! :)

I've been away from Threadless for a long, loooong time but now I'm back! (At least I'm trying to sub 1 design per week). I'm pumped because I've got some nice scores recently - 3.65, 3.50 and 3.44 and I'm just wondering what is a good score nowadays?

I hope everything is OK with you and I wish all the best for you in 2013 ;)

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those sound like pretty swell scores to me.

this is coming from someone who has not yet broken a 3.0 tho. i was under the impression (could be wrong) that 3.0 - 3.5 was pretty awesome, 3.5 - 4.0 is SUPER awesome, and 4.0 - is like WHOOOOOA.

btw i want my work to look like yours when i grow up. :)

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Yeah, even with the slight bump (being no 0's and all) I would say those are pretty darn high scores

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My personal scores have gone up since moving to the new site, but that could just be me. Mathematically, it's not too far off from the old site. :-) I think it was said that it only varies by .10 or so.

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RubberDuckyUrThe1@ I hope you break a 3.0 soon! It took me gazillion of submissions to break my first 3! :)

Tiffany! I've noticed that too. My scores have gone up too, that's why I'm asking what makes a good score now. I've got my second best score EVER in the new site. :)

dandingeroz@ Thanks! It's good to be back!

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I think anything above 3.5 would be awesome. Congrats on the great scores. Good to see you subbing again. I sent you a mail. Please check :D

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I'm curious too. Score seems higher since new site.

olie! profile pic Alumni

Hey rodrigobhz, I remember you. Nice designs dude.

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Dunno, last scores range between 3.6 max and 2.74 low. In general I agree it looks like scores have gone up a little.

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2.7 is the new 3.5


Seems like my latest subs score on the new site still match the average score i got on the old one, and that mean i get even a lower score now. But i can't make statistics right now since i've only subbed twice, and in a challenge in which even the best design got a little less than a 3.

And welcome back!

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idk have had colalbs in the 3's but no love :( good luck buddy!

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6 from this weeks 7 new tees had a score below 3.91 so that's pretty optimistic

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great new designs btw

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3.91? Holy crap!

Hi olie! I remember you too :) Actually, you did one of my favorite t-shirts EVER: Keeping it simple!


Anything pretty close or above a 3 I would say is really good. Competition is ever inceasing. Sharpen your pencil daily I'd say!

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I think the actual scores are the ancient "no-zero-scores" on the old site, so, in my opinion, all scores are higher about of 0.20 - 0.30!

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I was hoping anywhere between 2.90 - 4.00 is a pretty awesome score, I also have yet to break my first 3.0 yet, but got very close with my last submission.

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and here I thought I was getting awesome scores... bummer. eh, scores aint everything right?

chuck p comics
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well i gave Potential Zombie a 5! lol hope that helps!


definitely 1.36 is the magic number to strive for.

Robo Rat
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For me, its between 2 and 3. Most prints got scores below 3 compared to the very high scoring designs.


Scores don't matter.

You just need to be friends that's all.

Camaraderie up in this bitch


Super excited - just got my first 3.2 today!


I can't wait to see your new designs I really love you I Told You Not To Play With Matches! design.

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