Show your college pride and you could snag $500 in Threadless cash.

We want to see which school has the most college pride! During the colleges design challenge, we’ll be givin’ away Threadless cash to the students, alumns and fans that tell us their favorite design submissions and shout their school’s name from the (internet) rooftops.

Each week, we’ll add up the number of times your school’s hashtag was used on Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter as well as the number of scores cast on design submissions for your favorite school. We’ll choose one random participant at the end of that week to get a $500 Threadless gift code!

To participate, tweet, tumble, or Instagram about the design challenge ( with your school’s Threadless hashtag or score design subs for your favorite school. (Once the submissions start coming in, we’ll post filtered links for each school.)

University of Arkansas #ThreadlessHogs

Boise State #ThreadlessBoise

University of Cincinnati #ThreadlessUC

University of Florida #ThreadlessUF

University of Kentucky #ThreadlessUK

University of Michigan #ThreadlessUofM

University of Nebraska #ThreadlessNU

University of North Carolina #ThreadlessUNC

Notre Dame #ThreadlessND

Syracuse #ThreadlessCuse

University of Wisconsin #ThreadlessBucky

Louisiana State University #ThreadlessLSU

University of Georgia #ThreadlessUGA

UC Berkeley #ThreadlessCAL

University of Alabama #ThreadlessBama

Here’s an example tweet if you’re stuck:
Hey Irish! Design a tee that will bring us good luck! #threadlessND

Watch this

No fair! My school isn't here! >_<


I guess I have to get a Twitter now...


nah twitter hasn't peaked yet.


So who won for this week? :D


How about for this week? :)


No fair! Now I need to move to the US.


VCU never gets picked for anything... :(


Wasn't this supposed to be every week until the College challenge ended? :D

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