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Anyone work for Charity or a non profit? UPDATE

The site is now live and open to everyone!!!
Please sign up for free and help build a community wholeheartedly focused on positive change.
You will also be entered into the price draw (currently at £500) Where you then donate your winnings to your favorite charity.

Thanks in advance


Hi Threadfriends

Happy New Year all!

I was wondering if you folks could help me out a little and hopefully it could help you out in turn!

I have spent the last year developing a new website and need beta guinea pig (I know you are probably sick of beta here but...). I am looking for anyone who can represent a charity or non profit rather then individuals at this stage.

By signing up and adding your organisation for free during the beta phase, you will help test and populate the site prior to the official launch later this month. Your organisation will also be entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 5 x �100 prize donations!! is a social enterprise platform that brings good people and good causes together to turn awareness into action. There charities and not for profit organisations can engage with a focused online community by posting campaigns, appeals, events, jobs and good news.
You can also receive donations, increase membership and win prizes.

As it is not a public facing site until the official launch you will need the following password: positivechange

Any feedback welcome

Thanks in advance


Also anyone can:
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celandinestern profile pic Alumni

sounds like a great cause man, wish I could help!!

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

that sounds awesome, I'll be on the lookout!!! I love kiva and places like that which let you do something good for someone from the comfort of your home. Lazy activism, I call it!!

hope you had a great holiday season too!!!!

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Haha yes it is much safer indoors!

Peopleriver does hope to engage people both online and on the ground but it is up to the individual how much they get involved , from signing petitions to finding a full time job.

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

also totally off topic, but I bought your CSA birdies tee and my do I love it :)))))))


Hey Rick!!

I volunteer for a super awesome/quirky nonprofit. I'll see what I can do. :)


Wharton profile pic Alumni

Ah-ha! So this is the secret saucy online project you hinted at. This sounds like a great idea, excellent work for putting it together. I'd love to be involved further down the line. I have absolutely Zero charity connections.

Great work Rick.

Fleck profile pic Alumni

Sounds interesting! I'll sign up and take a look- I run a wee non-profit collective. I'll see if I can pass it around some of our partners/contacts too if that's helpful.

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Haha yes Chris all is now revealed!! and thanks for your offer I will keep you posted mate.

Thanks David yes that will be most helpful. The more exposure and feedback we can get the better.

Fleck profile pic Alumni

Your avatar is snuffkin! Brilliant. I like the look of it all so far, I'll make sure I pass it on to a few people.

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Yes been reading the Moomins to my daughter recently and have to say I am becoming a big fan.

Thanks a lot David - happy to have you on board and hope that in time peopleriver can grow to be of value to your org

ThePaperCrane profile pic Alumni

Hi Chris - sorry forgot to check in on this.

Well it is a bit slow, as to be expected when you have zero marketing budget and trying to make a living else where too.

The biggest challenge is traffic. Convincing orgs to sign up while there is little audience and getting supporters to sign up when there are not many orgs signed up and creating content.

There is not a huge amount to do on the site in these early days. I have a lot of plans and this is just phase one but I am not investing anything else into development until I have built a reasonably sized audience.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve though and just need to be patient and persistent.

I am currently looking into some strategic partnerships and potential patrons or major donors.

Feel free to sign up in the mean time and support a few orgs and leave a few comments here and there.

Thanks for your support so far on FB :)

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