Penguin uses a Threadless design

I went to change a Christmas gift to Penguin store (Argentina) and I found this:

Then, I went to website: PENGUIN ARGENTINA and saw this:

I dont know if it was stolen, if Threadless sold your designs, etc.
I just found strange and wanted to tell so you can take action.
This isnt nice. Pinguin is an important brand here.

Original Threadless:


and other design:
CAT: by Florever

Watch this
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palitosci said:

post facebook by Alejandro Giraldo


The designer says that Penguin stole the design he made for Threadless and when he realized about it they banned him from their facebook page and refused to give an answer.

Then he says he received a call from Penguin Argentina. They apologizes for that but he didn't received a satisfactory answer yet.


Uh oh. That's no good!

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meh! :(

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