OMG! I have sold my first t-shirt ever on Society6!

Hey everyone,

I have been submitting my work to Society6 for some time just because why not. It can't be any worse. But today I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a pending $1.80 income for a t-shirt! I made that one for Michael Jackson fans, think it came out pretty good. And I spent some time promoting it at MJ fan sites. I feel like it's a beginning of a big adventure.

My design:

Watch this

Yep, this sale really feels like a million bucks because it's the first time my hobby proves potentially fruitful. I guess I have found my way in design.

I don't really like drawing myself, though I find food with faces and such stuff really cute. What I can do best is combine textures, fonts and clipart (not stolen!) to create mainly typographic works. I will make some posters and t-shirts with quotes and song lyrics. I guess I'll stick to that strategy by now.

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