Gravity Falls!

So is anyone else watching it?

just got told about it today and I downloaded the first episode and holy crap I have a new show to be obsessed with, first off lets get this over with, it is a disney show but honestly its nothing like anything they've made recently its more like the stuff they've been putting out on cartoon network (like adventure time and the regular show).

Wired described it as an animated series that combines the warm family element Phineas and Ferb and outlandish characterization of Adventure Time with the snowballing conspiracies of theX-Files and Twin Peaks patently surreal setting.

It stars Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal

Its awesome you should watch it.

Watch this

Really! holy crap thats awesome.

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I saw this when I was in America a few months ago. it's a pretty good cartoon, nice characters and quite funny, but I prefer adventure time

mike bautista
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it's really good. I've sadly lost track a couple of episodes past the Halloween one, but I'm just hoping I didn't miss much and that they're making a second season. it's definitely one of my favorite things on TV.


One of my favorite shows on TV. The time traveling one and fight fighters are two of my top episodes.


Its amazing, I am in love with this show. I feel like cartoons went through a really bad patch but now there killing it. I also love the fact that were moving away from the trend of doing complete resets, e.g normally when an episode ends everything goes back to the status quo so you can basically watch any episode in any order and it doesnt matter.

These shows arent a clean break but they make call backs to earlier episodes, like in the wax dummy episode the S falls off the mystery shack roof and it stays off for the rest of the episode.

And thats happening because they know people watch shows in bulk more than they do on an episode basis.

Either way this show is insanely quotable.

I decapitated larry king


P.S Mike, theres a super high quality torrent floating around.


Never heard of it, but now I'm intrigued!



So I'm on episode 11 and the series really seems to hit its stride from episode 8 onwards, in a strange way its kind of like community in the sense that its starting to do themed episodes and its filled with pop cultural references also the level of detail is amazing.

Apparently there are hidden codes in the credits you can translate.

The voice talent in the show is amazing, I cant believe they atcually got Larry King and coolio to be in an episode (the same one), I'm really hoping it gets a second season.

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I remember seeing previews for it and thinking it looked amazing, but it completely fell off my radar. Thanks for the reminder! May have to... ahem... acquire it.


Andyg is Awesome!!!


I liked the gnome episode but for me its a toss up between the 8bit fighting game episode or the national treasure episode.

Someone made this amazing rap about gravity falls (he's also done several for parks and recs)

"you can stay in sweater town till the sun goes down but I'm on the S.S Cool dude cruising around"

I've also started downloading a mystery falls podcast (cause I'm a sucker for podcasts).

Also Neil Cicierega made some unused (and for good reason they sucked) theme songs for the show but his sister is Emmy Cicierega the controversial winner of the BESTEE AWARDS 2009.

So I guess this show has a fair few threadless connections.


The secret president episode was pretty pringles, I agree


Its so awesome!

Also somebody made an exact replica of the book of mystery!

Also Dippers fake ID

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