Art work was decline, why? Can you critique it please?

It is based off the saying "cool beans". I hope you guys understand my concept.

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Tom Henderson

I think the beans could look like they are reacting to the cold, perhaps shivering or frozen, otherwise it does not immediately appear like they are in a cold environment. Reinforce this with more prominent mountains in the background also. Maybe make the mountains the shape of the background, the blue blob they are on seems a bit random. The characters themselves are humerous enough, though they look a little 'plonked' on. Hope it helps.

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Yeah they look a little "plonked" on as Tom mentioned.

Also the generic text is terrible. As a designer if you're going to use text you really need to be very careful of the text you use. Hand drawn / custom made is best... make sure it is text you created.

Overall I feel like the idea .. while a funny turn of phrase.. doesn't really translate very well. Again, Tom already pointed out that the beans do not look "cool" or even Cold.

And as a personal comment I'm afraid the phrase cool beans is a bit dated. I honestly haven't heard anyone say "cool beans" in like 10yrs.


Thank you for the critique. And The word "cool beans" has been said alot. Especially, in my generation. I'm 20 and I know alot friends who say cool beans. I think maybe I should make the beans look like coffee beans or various different beans. I think that would work. And I see what you mean with making a handwritten font. If I do, I would want it to have the same feel as the strokes on the beans. If that makes sense?

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Heh :D it would all depend on the final beans. I'd do the illustration first and worry about text later. More often than not if you have a great illustration you won't need to put text. You can just save it for the submission title.

maybe cool beans is coming back? I dunno. I'm 32 and I used to have a scuba instruction when I was 12 who used to say cool beans all the time. And he was like my dad's age so to me he was "old" lol.. He was the only one I'd ever heard use the phrase. But it could perhaps be a regional thing and not an age thing? you know.. sort of how you have to go down south to hear a y'all :)

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Yeah, I'm 23, I've never known anyone who says "cool beans".

Course, it might be the result of a selective environment.

I feel like if my friends ever said "cool beans" as a consistent thing, I'd have to find new friends.


I think cool beans is a regional thing. I didn't hear it until I visited relatives out west.


I feel like the font is killing it...


Thanks for you honesty guys. I'm from the south. And definitely don't talk like I'm from the south lol. But,cool beans is something I know alot of people say where I'm from. Clearly the word "cool beans" is a problem. I agree with @voodazz it is a regional thing and not alot of people would understand. I just need to rethink it. Maybe do something else with beans.


i've heard/said cool beans, and i've lived all over the country.

maybe just do one bean (coffee or otherwise) and give him a hipster look. leave the text out, and just title the design 'cool beans'


Cool, thanks you guys for all your help! :)

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