Need some critiques, please!

Hey guys, I was wondering if you could critique my design. It's only got one day left but I'm thinking of 'revamping' it and submitting it again. I agree that the colors are a little weird, but I was using the default overlay style for my artwork layer, and gray was the only color on which the shirt would show up. Again, any critiques would be awesome!

Boggarts, Dementors and Trolls...Oh My!

Watch this

I would make it more cheerful. Maybe have Ron's rat in a basket he is holding? Make the castle green an more Oz-like. I think you lost the Ozy feel to it.


also make the yellow brick road more noticable. It kind of got lost in the background a little. Maybe make it more of a golden color and put in little yellow bricks into the path. It will stand out more and make your point better understood.

Good luck!

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