I got a 2.96 for my first design...

How does that stack up?? What's a good score here on threadless?

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c0y0te7 profile pic Alumni

Nice! For me, a good score is a score between 0 and 5... I don't know if the score matter a lot to make be choose. The enthusiasm is more important and sometimes there are printed t-shirts with an average of 2.

AlanBao profile pic Alumni

Welp, scores don't really matter that much, since Threadless prints material at their discretion - scoring seems mostly to be a way for the community to weed out the designs that obviously suck. I've only been part of this for a few months, but from what I gather, in terms of aggregate scores: 2 is a cold reception, 3 is a decent score, 3.5 is considered high, and a 4 average (or above) is very, very rare.

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