Critique needed for my Monsters, Inc design

The design itself is pretty much finished (I just hope this hasn't been done before).
I'm not sure if I should put the logo on the back or not? (or maybe nothing on the back?)
If you have other comments, feel free to post them...

Watch this


Nice design, simple, abstract and to the point. Love the first Tee, the last two seem a bit too minimal for my tastes. Perhaps a different placement of the door?

Good luck --db

Sam MacGregor

I agree with dBarnes, go with number 1.


I like it, I think it works even without the door on the back, but if I have to choose one, I would choose the one with M on


This is actually really nice. I've been wanting to see more art dealing with the doors, because for me that part where they fly around on them was the best. I also really like how each door is identifiable to each character, and also how Boo's door is accurate to the movies. The back of the shirt is a nice touch, but definitely use the one with the M on it. :)

Mantichore profile pic Alumni

weird, it didn't get any comments on this one :( (maybe because the voting period was too short?)

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