Anyone from Threadless Staff, Please help..

I am sending this letter regarding my design that is selected by Gap. I have attached the links of it for your recognition.

I just want to confirm how soon or how many days will the release of my winning will be out. Gap just released my design last Decmeber 6, and it was on the contract that the one-time fee will be made within 10 Days on the Gap's acceptance. I'm just curious about it. Thanks for your considerations. I haven't any response on your support team. I wish you can help me with these.
Thank you very much.

Respectfully Yours
Jose Sabenicio (free_agent08)

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soloyo profile pic Alumni

it might be a problem with your paypal account not receiving the payment.


There is no notification that there is a payment sent to my paypal account, I have two queries on the support team but still don't have replies..

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