Reservoir Dogs critique

Hi, I'm new here.
Few days ago, I sent my first design, but was rejected. I make some changes.

This is the original version:

And this is the second version:

Quote is from character Mr.Blonde (Michael Madsen) in Reservoir Dogs (

Any advices or help? Thanks :)

Watch this

I like the second one with spots. I could like it more with the lines closer together. More compact. Nice typography


The second is good. The question mark is too big. Imaging how it would look on the real tee when you wear it. And Type tees are not something threadless receives kindly unless it is something really cleverly done.




Thanks for comments :) I put closer the text, and the question mark smaller (yeah, was too big, and dot was also too far, I think). What do you think now?


Urgh. Rejected again. Do you think i can improve design, or must leave idea?

Anyway, thanks for all comments.

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