I want to send you a package! Sign up!

Hey friends! I am a few weeks away from launching the next phase of my "Haunted Legs" project and I need YOUR help!


Each package will contain a set of these pre-cut fliers to be posted somewhere special. I'm hoping to get them hung up in places all over the US* on the same day! If you are willing to help me out, I'll send you a fun reward once the project is finished!

To sign up: Email me your address with a subject "Haunted Army": info (at) briancook.net

I'll take care of the rest! Thanks to anyone who is willing to help out and I'm excited to launch the project soon!

***International buddies! Send me an email if you wanna help out - I will send you a PDF packet when the time comes!

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jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

for sure!


Hahaha! Yes! And you already have my addy, yay :)

jet approves

I can put some up on the east side. Do you need to mail the packets or can you send people the file to print and cut?

briancook profile pic Alumni

I can totally send the file - I just thought I'd save people the trouble of printing and cutting the fliers :)

Either way shoot me an email so I add you to the list!

@BeanePod - did you send an email? Haven't gotten it yet....


this is so cute hahaha

eQuivalent profile pic Alumni

signed up! :)


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Chengui said:

So....are you signing up then lasinian?

Mountain Gnome

email sent, dunno if you need some dutch exposure?

nicholelillian profile pic Alumni

what day are you planning it for?


You said "down South"


briancook profile pic Alumni


A lot depends on how long the approval process takes through Kickstarter. I'm estimating that it will be at least mid to late Jan. before everything is sent out.

@twiggy - you BET I did!


I'm midwest (Illinois), but I'm not near Chicago. Closer to Springfield. I'll send you my e-mail. Enjoyed the series. Glad to see this project moving forward.


I sent you an e-mail but got no reply. Kazakhstan if you're interested.


I'm totally in! Love this idea (and your art).

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

love this so much!!!!! I'm game to get the electronic file and print some up for my neighborhood, though nobody here will have a clue what it's about. But still, participating is fun.

ilyya profile pic Alumni

Just got my package! Will be posting around the University of Wisconsin- Madison campus this weekend!

soloyo profile pic Alumni

I can print some fliers at work too. Just waiting for the weather to gt a bit better. Too much snow and rain won't be nice to them.

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