Critique this newbie!

So I want to get other people's opinions on this design. I'm a total newbie. Also, I know the positioning is a bit off in relation to your own lungs. Does Threadless fix that, or would I have to do it?

Watch this

I think you have a cool design concept!


Great Design but I feel needs to be evened out in the center. Could you critique my current submission?


@alphagrit Which needs to be evened out? The trunk area of the tree? It's supposed to resemble the inside of the lungs, so I tried to make that and the tree look as natural as possible. It should be moved up, right?


I like the concept. You might consider making the left set of brochioles have more tones of green so as to make it resemble a tree a little more. Also the blue lung is larger than the red one, so try to even the sizes of both.


What i meant was that the blue and the pink painted areas are not even on the center of the shirt. The blue part is kinda too far to the right


Great concept, ap.largo! funny that the right lung is smaller, usually the left one is smaller to make place for the heart :)


Thanks everyone!

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