Posted my work here to absorb criticism since the panel rejected it, will hear your point of view if you can drop me a reply :-) Thanks!

Watch this

Wow, how did this get rejected? This is so much more original then the majority of iron man shirts that was approved.


Maybe it's the style of illustration you chose? I feel like there is a very specific style that most of the T's produced have so maybe if it was more like those? I really don't know what to say, there's a lot of haters scoring.


the reason it was probably rejected is because of the content. implying that iron man is dead. i saw it happen to some other subs as well. design quality was great, but they don't want him shown as dead or decapitated, etc. adult content and whatnot.

design looks great tho.


Unspoken rule for Marvel challenges (also Disney): character doesn't die, character doesn't lose, character doesn't kill, character doesn't look like what Marvel doesn't want him to look like, character is as bland as possible. Marvel has to approve each and every submitted design before it can even be seen by voters.

There's no point in these spec merch challenges really. Keep your creative juices for the real Threadless stuff!

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