s6 dissapointment

My mom purchased a tote bag of my design from s6.
It arrived at her house and looked like crud. She asked me what I thought so I went and looked at it in person. I was not impressed, I told her to email them about it.

They usually don't accept returns but in her case they told her to repurchase it and they would give her credit towards it afterwards. I thought maybe I uploaded a low quality version of it so before she ordered the second bag I re-uploaded a new file (just to make sure it wasn't a fault on my end) She got the second bag today. It looks just as awful.

I've been considering quitting s6 for a little while because I want to have some sort of quality control and I want to have a more personal connection with the people who want to buy my art. I don't know but I guess this is just a rant and just wondering if anyone else has had bad products from them. (not all were bad because she ordered other things that looked great)


here's the bag:
I did not edit this photo in any way whatsoever!

and here is a link to my image I uploaded ...(since it's huge)

my original file

Watch this
jeffreyg profile pic Alumni

oh damn. thats shitty :/

ive ordered tshirts and pillows and they came out great... shame about this though.

nicholelillian profile pic Alumni

yeah. I've ordered multiple prints from there, and was never unhappy.


you should contact them, it's curious how bad it looks.

nicholelillian profile pic Alumni

My mom ordered it so I told her she should email them again.

I already deleted all products from there besides prints/canvases. I think this is just a push for me to start doing things myself.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Well I ordered some prints and they came out really nice. I also ordered some pillows and they look pretty good too. That said the texture of the fabric is rough and could pixelate a highly detailed art piece.

nicholelillian profile pic Alumni

I agree the prints I've gotten have been great.

After seeing this first hand I don't want this to be the way that my art may is represented.

nicholelillian profile pic Alumni

I'm keeping the prints for now.

radiomode profile pic Alumni

Maybe it was a glitch. On the picture, I think I see halo around the edge of the illustration.

Thomas Orrow
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Hi Nichole, I can imagine how frustrating this must be, especially as it was a Christmas present.I guess it's either a glitch, or S6 hasn't taken into account how the texture of the fabric will degrade the image. I'm familiar with this image, as I remember it when it was up for scoring.

I have also had some problems with S6-my account has been glitchy, even though all the payments have gone through and I can't seem to upload hi-res photos which are taken on my new Canon camera.

I tried etsy with no luck, but as you say if you want a better product, you'll just have to try it yourself. I didn't sell anything on etsy, but I'm still looking into other ways of opening up a shop.

I believe that some other viable options are shopify, big cartel and store envy.

Or of course, just making your own tailor made website with paypal/some kind of check out process is also an option.

nicholelillian profile pic Alumni
radiomode said:

Maybe it was a glitch. On the picture, I think I see halo around the edge of the illustration.

Yeah, I uploaded it with a faded outline around the edges, but maybe?

It may have been the fabric, who knows really? I was researching another company that prints totes (amongst other things) and before they will offer it for sale they must approve your upload to make sure it meets their printing standards technically and content wise. I wish they offered this as well at s6....

Yeah Tom, Hmm that's weird too.

I wanted to start focusing on doing things on my own this coming year and I guess this just makes me want to do it even more. I'm probably going to venture into etsy. but I'll keep those in mind too. I used to sell through my site years ago so thats an option (i used to make jewelry and buttons/badges)

I just wonder how many others this may happened to when they bought something from me without me knowing :(


I would think it would be more difficult to print on that fabric than a canvas or t-shirt. Sorry that didn't work out!

Thomas Orrow
Thomas Orrow profile pic Alumni

What a frustrating situation. Ah, don't worry Ratkiss-people won't think it's your fault. S6 should check their products before shipping. If there are any quality issues, they should liaise with the artists instead of just sending it out anyway to make a cheap buck. Luckily, your framed prints look like they have printed out perfectly.

Happy Holidays!

PS Hopefully will see more of your work, either on here or around the interwebz.

nicholelillian profile pic Alumni

yeah, it could be, crtfinnie.

Tom, thanks (you have a print of mine?) I just wish there was some sort of quality control.

you too, and happy new year:)


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