Hey Guys, I'm so sick my boss sent me home.

and that like, NEVER happens.
So I need some entertainment.
Tell me what to watch,
I tried watching Revenge...but I lost interest.
I tried watching Wilfred, but I just don't get it.
I need something MOAR!!

Or you know, YOU GUYS could entertain me ;)

Watch this
soloyo profile pic Alumni

I have been sick for two days now, there's nothing on TV


I feel like if I bake I'll contaminate all the goodies.. There really is NOTHING on TV! Twigs...that was the cutest party rock!


Yeah, TV is lame. Especially daytime TV.

I wish you lived here. And were healthy. 'Cause then you could come to karaoke/drinky night with MezoFaceStef and I tonight


oh man! I would have to be SUPER drunk...I don't do karaoke!! But I would totally go and support you two hot babes!


oh man, minions are cute and all but...NO!!


oh my goodness! so kyoote! and funny. and that Santa voice is totally my sick voice right now!

nicholelillian profile pic Alumni

drink some hot tea, or ginger ale


Yes! Fantastic Mr. Fox is always on at our house. Skye watches it like all the time and stuff! I have been drinking wellness tea...what does ginger ale do?


Ginger has overall magical feel-better qualities. When I was little whenever I got sick my mom would put me in front of the tv and give me a blanket and a drink of grape juice mixed with ginger ale. To this day when I'm sick I drink that.


Ginger Ale...yummmmm.....


I'll have to try that Ginger ale thing...I love it anyways. Freaks and geeks!! I just finished watching it a couple of weeks ago. That's a show I wish would go on and on and on! I was sad when it ended :(

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