Guess who got laid off?

It's me. I did. Maybe you did too but this blog is about me. I got the phone call while on my vacation, Merry Christmas, btw. Laid off with a possibility of a call back in 3 months. The laid off the whole department though... so It wasn't just me. Fun times... Suppose its time to search for something new and better with the sexy co-workers.

In the mean time, I suppose this gives me much more time to do designs. Which is good for me and bad for Threadless and the t-shirt community.

Watch this

good things will come from this. don't worry.


i hope so!


Boo hiss to holiday lay-offs :(


what's wrong with clown shoes??

moosabman profile pic Alumni

Sorry to hear that man. But hey, at least you got skills, maybe take whatever package they gave you and make a run at freelance? join the local AIGA network and go pro. I BELIEVE IN YOUUUUU

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

That sucks! I'm sorry :( and such a shitty time of year to spring that kind of news on people. I've been there though (the being laid off before christmas thing) and you'll get through it.. sometimes things are hard but you just have to keep trying! You're an really talented guy so I'm sure something better is out there for you! With sexy co-workers even! ;)

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Here have a cheesy motivational kitten :)


Well they're some sad things known to man But ain't too much sadder than The shoes of a clown When there's no one around

Bio-bot 9000
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The title of this blog is good news until the last word. I hope you find work soon.


Man that sucks. Thinking of freelancing?

Also, I might or might not suggest an appropriate response.

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dang, sorry to hear phil. hope things work out

soloyo profile pic Alumni

Damn, layoff during the holidays, what a bunch of jerks you were working for!


I got laid off in August (and by laid off I mean my job was literally so awful I laid myself off) and have been freelancing and searching since. So I feel ya. If it hadn't been for that though I wouldn't have discovered the Threadless community and developed a passion for improving my stuff!

Thomas Orrow
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Aw, sheesh that sucks. Not cake though, that's usually good unless it's a boring sponge cake or something. Good luck with the job hunt.

Thomas Orrow
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Ugh......It seems mean spirited to end people's work around this time of year. Hopefully you'll get some nice cake out of this situation somehow.

nickv47 profile pic Alumni

Yeah, holiday layoffs are the lowest of the low. I'd find work elsewhere. Good luck sir! Creative staffing agencies are a good way to find work. Just a thought.


Damn if you really liked the job. Glad if you didn't like it much. Hey what the hell get more designs in and get few more printed :-)

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