Make your 2013 resolutions here!

Hey! I thought it would be fun to make resolution posters. I made this one real quick. It ain't gonna win any design awards, but the point is, here it is, IN PRINT, on the record. Post your resolution poster here! (or just your resolutions)

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This applies well enough to me :(

jet approves

I only have two. Stop letting produce go bad and put away my laundry after I've washed & dried it rather than living out of my hamper like a barbarian.

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Both of these are resolutions I can relate with!

jet approves said:

I only have two. Stop letting produce go bad and put away my laundry after I've washed & dried it rather than living out of my hamper like a barbarian.


You barbarians.

  • drink less
  • smoke less
  • read Russian novels
  • read Proust
  • be better mom
  • visit England
  • become EU citizen
  • finish Space Odyssey
  • be less judgmental
  • start writing again
  • visit a shrink and establish if i have OCD or not
  • refurbish my bike

Catch up on Walking Dead. What's happening now? Haven't seen it in forever...

  • Get a job (possibly in Chicago where I'll be looking for several months)
  • Lose 70 more lbs. and kick my diabetes
  • Improve my drawing/illustration skills
  • Quit comparing my work to others
  • Get a print
  • Be happy
  • Not live with anyone's parents
  • Move to a city in the mountains
  • Get in shape (it seems that we are having a hard time about it)
  • Less worries and more enjoying everyday
  • Make friends in the new city
  • Organize in a better way my creative area at home
  • Get a cat

to accomplish all my goals.

  • Go to the gym at least 3 days a week
  • Hit and maintain my goal weight
  • Find and pursue my passions with more vigor
  • Make my bucket list and start to fulfill it
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  • keep working out
  • MAKE more things
  • get a job
  • get a job
  • really, you need a job.

I am curious as to how this chewing bubble situation would work out...


Eat more pickles!

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MissMurry said:

Eat more pickles!

i just started eating pickles last year!


Oop make pickles!

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  1. Make time to draw/paint more... instead of typing this out instead
  2. Wedding gifts... even though I end up giving cash monies I'm horrible at giving them on time. Example, I have 5 wedding gifts I still need to give. One dating back to 3 years ago. I'm terrible.
  3. Screen print more! I have all these nice blanks to print on. Gotta get on that especially with the resources I have access to.
  4. Eat more doughnuts
  5. Go on more road trips. Perhaps I'll go on a doughnut tour.
  6. Play golf. I'm not very good but enjoy playing it.
  7. Get all my time-lapse footage up on stock video sites so I can be making some monies off it.
  8. Post media in a timely manner. I got backed up / lazy with everything I shot in 2012. I want to me a multimedia maniac this year.

  9. Submit to Threadless

  10. Stop saying and start doing... Cheeeeese!

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  1. Find someone brrrrbpppppt worthy
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jeffreyg said:
  1. Find someone brrrrbpppppt worthy

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jeffreyg said:
  1. Find someone brrrrbpppppt worthy



Pay debts. Exercise. Have a enlightening relationship.

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For anyone working on a fitness goal this year, I made us a Fitocracy group! We can encourage each other and log work outs. For my fitness goal, I've decided to do one more burpee every day. So, one burpee on Jan. 1, 2 on Jan. 2....all the way to Dec. 31 with 365 burbees! I think you have to be logged in to view the actual page. (Click the image.)

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fitocracy isn't working for me... i'll try again later.


I joined!

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That site looks a bit confusing, but i joined anyways...

If anyone has a STRAVA account for running, riding, swimming, etc., post your link. Here's mine.


Here are mine! I commissioned a friend to draw them.

Word of 2013: Patience

  • Finish one task before starting another.
  • Go on one Chicago adventure a month.
  • Brush teeth before bed (maybe try to wash face, too).
  • Learn to type properly.
  • Complete all French homework and write down new words.
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