Iron Man Design Submission Rejected

I just got an e-mail from Threadless, saying that my submission for the Iron Man contest was rejected. The reason cited was this: Gundam is not a Marvel product - Marvel.

So apparently, the decision came from Marvel. In the description of the design, I mentioned that it was inspired by Gundam model kits. However, there is no explicit reference made to Gundam in the actual design. I'm wondering if I never mentioned GD Gundam in the first place would the design have been accepted?

Here's the design. I think it has some merit.

Watch this

The design may look too similar to the model kits (especially the Marvel logo mimicking the Bandai logo) meaning that Marvel is afraid of copyright infrinement. A stupid fear I know, but one that may scare Marvel into outright rejecting the design. It is a rather interesting concept, just make it look less like the actual Bandai models and maybe it will get accepted into the running.


I agree with dabbspb. I think it would be a better design if it only was the picture and not all the words.

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Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately, the deadline for submissions has passed.


It's a pretty nice illustration. However, like dabbspb said, the bandai logos, even though modified are too similar to the originals. I think all the info in between the IM-40 and 1/1 scale is pretty good and could've been left in. Would have worked as just a blueprint idea.

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