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Quantum bees - comments for a noob

Hi guys,

i'd like to have some comment and advice for my first attempt of submission. The design represents quantum bees interacting with a honeycomb structure made of carbon atoms, which is nothing less than graphene!!

Maybe the concept is not so catchy and some scientific background is needed to understand the design immediatly...but graphene is great (is just one atom thick!), bees are great (they produce a lot of honey for us!) so i think this could be a good combo!

Thank you!

Watch this

the illustration is very cute, i love those little bees, and the concept is obviously very well thought out, however as i am not a science buff, i don't understand it. i don't doubt that it makes sense, but it goes over my head, and i'm afraid it will probably do the same for most others.

maybe try again with a concept that's easier for the layman to understand.


There are plenty of intelligent & quirky designs--most of the time the pun or joke is presented, not only through image, but through text on the shirt as well.

Or, better yet, having simply the title of the design explain/better represent the design is just as helpful--& you don't have to worry about throwing in words & possibly destroying your composition.

But, yeah, even after reading up on graphene (an extremely thin sheet of carbon), I'm only coming up with...perhaps the bees were fooled by this misleading substance at an atomic-scale, & are retreating due to said deception?

If that's the case, I may add something as simple as: the top bees smiling & the bottom bees frowning? Or even more simply (does it get more basic than the atomic level of things? har har), just give the bottom bees some angry brows. haha

Just suggestions! Anywho, very nice design. I can totally imagine this as an official design, you may just have to help the voters along! :) Good luck!


Thx, I added a couple of lines that should help getting the meaning of the picture. I wanted to give a "physics lesson drawing" look to my desing...let's see what happens with the submission in the next days! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE :)


This is cute! I like the graphic style a lot. But I don't like the cut and paste look of the bees. Maybe give each once a slightly different look and personality, that way I can pick a favorite one and connect to the design a little deeper :)

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