Santa Has Been Busy!

I don't know how I'm so lucky, but every year Santa is incredibly generous. This year Santa was even one of my favorite designers! Last week I came home late to find out that Priscilla (valorandvellum) rode her sleigh to my place and dropped off an amazing package.

I excitedly opened it up using my trusty Swiss Army Knife keyring (gifted by Corrinne in my first ever Secret Santa exchange) and discovered some solid packing.

Oh man, some amazing mugs with Priscilla's own designs!

And what to put in those mugs? Tea from a shop that makes its own blends. They smell magnificent and the Winter Wonderland blend was super delicious. I'm excited to try the others.

If you have loose tea you're going to need one of these...

Whoa, what's this? Probably the coolest pint glass in existence. I excitedly bragged about it to several people like a kindergartener during show and tell.

A whole bunch of custom V&V pens!

OH MAN, OH MAN, OH MAN! I have been coveting these Black Rock Collective card decks for ages now! Santa must have been paying attention to the blogs. :)

Such a cool looking card.

I took the Godiva chocolate truffles (pictured below) over to Margo & Kevin's place on Christmas Eve and we were too stuffed to try them, but when I do I'm sure they will be glorious.


Don't go thinking I'm some weirdo who doesn't use sheets. I was doing laundry at the time, sheesh!

Thank you so so much, Priscilla! Everything is fantastic and I absolutely love it all! hugs

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ir0cko profile pic Alumni

awesome stuff! i use my v&v pint glass often. :D


i bet you do, idrUncko!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

it's for soda or juice! hahaha


Yay! Priscilla FTW :)


awesome stuff! that is a super cool pint glass.

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Great stuff! I'm a teensy jealous of the new brc cards ;) hehehe


Is that an Edward Gorey card? I love him.

Those cards are so freaking awesome. This whole package is awesome. Also, you are far too adorable.

wearecareful profile pic Staff

that is a fine pint glass

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

totally beautiful package :) SS is so cooooool!!!


you are so adorable!!! and what a cool gift! priscilla rocks :D

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Whoops, didn't see this 'til now. So glad everything got to you in one piece!! Love all the pics too :-)

Mountain Gnome

wow what a cool package.. those BRC cards are awesome!

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