One second...

Rejection sucks.. Not corporate enough marvel?

I was waiting all week for this to go up for scoring and got declined. that sucks!

Watch this

I like how abstract it is, sucks that it got declined! The challenges with popular brands/characters don't seem to be very forgiving.


Damn this is good. Sorry it got declined.

Pez Banana

There are terribly bad designs up for scoring and this got declined?

I do think it could use a little bit more work but i can't put my finger on it... i LOVE the subtle half tone texture, i've been struggling to add this effect successfully to some of my designs and i think you nailed it.

Marvel seems to dislike it when you change the character's likeness too much. So it's not about how you can present the character in a creative yet commercial way but instead, how many straightforward, unoriginal, commercial tees you can sell.

Don't let it go to waste. Use it elsewhere.

the Sleeping Sky

Thanks guys, your comments help sooth the disappointment! haha


Really, the way it is both graphic and simple and halftony makes it one of my favs despite my indifference for superheroes

Dan Yingling

I sent them an email about this one and a few others.. I didn't understand and their reasonings this time around have been too vague. Sorry about the rejection I will let you know if I hear back but I'm pretty sure they are out for the holidays. I really like this.

the Sleeping Sky

Thank you so much Dan! I really appreciate it!


I would actually wear this one!


i like this


this is the only good one


yeah, i'm not into iron man at all but this is really well done, especially after sifting through all the others.

1 design submitted - Score now!

^ they reject this design of mine, too:(


It was rejected because marvel want it unoriginal, boring and repetitive. That's because they don't have enough comic illustrators right there.

BTW I'd wear it, they lost a sale HA-HA!


Well, actually I don't wear superhero-style tees, but you got the idea :)

the Sleeping Sky

Dang dampa! that is ace! marvel missed out.

Pez Banana

Dampa's design is really good as well. What's wrong with Marvel? (or Disney in general). Aren't they in the business of ART Entertainment?


This is great, crazy it was rejected. Great colour contrast and design


That's an amazing one dampa!!


No idea why they'd decline these. Looks simple and beautiful to me.


this one is super cool. weird that its rejected. they should just get their comic artists to do it if they wanted something totally on model and un-creative.

thomas callahan

It's awesome! Mind sharing how you made that halftone texture?


Yeah, I've decided I'm not going to waste my time with any of these Disney-owned challenges. My Spider-man design was rejected and I've never been the

You spend the time to come up with something new, interesting or funny and it turns out they don't actually want to see originality, thoughtful or parody (which blows my mind since I've always thought that that's the spirit of threadless).

Great work Skylar! (and Dampa!)

1 design submitted - Score now!

What was the official reason they gave for the rejection? I submitted a design for the Iron Man challenge, and the reason they gave me for rejecting it was asinine.


great work here, sorry it got rejected

the Sleeping Sky

Thanks everyone, Yes I agree it seems they want mostly the T- shirts you would expect to see at walmart and such.

kuru_te they said it didn't "abide" with the contest rules


I don't even think it's someone who works for marvel that's rejecting the art. just some Disney guy


I'd have worn it and I only wear Superman. Awesome design.

Tim Easley

I really like this one! Definitely one of the best of the bunch. Hope it gets accepted!


I agree. The two here are so much more awesome than 99% of the submissions they accepted. Not that some of those are not super well done.. but they're just too "expected" and totally not anything I'd ever consider wearing. But I'd honestly wear both of the ones in this blog as they're fun and subtle and clever and different!


Oh and I really preferred the "Threadless Loves... " contests better than these Disney / Marvel ones. I'm really over scoring generic looking Ironman


Both of these are great, I would probably end up buying both :)

8 designs submitted - Score now!

This 2 are great! One of my design is declined too! Not sure about this declining issues but this 2 is way better than other sub in the comp. just unfair, we put lots of time working on them and then boom! Declined.


Those two designs got rejected? Are people insane? WTF.


^^^pyr4lis - chin up guys, obviously a lot of people out here like your creativity

the Sleeping Sky

Where would be a good place to submit this?


I don't think you'll be able to submit this again, since Marvel and Disney hold the rights to the Iron Man character. If it was submitted and printed without their approval, you could be facing a lawsuit from them. However, I think it's a great design, and although this one was rejected, I'm sure you're still capable of creating other great designs. If this experience has soured you on the Threadless community, you could always team up with a local printer to screen print your designs and sell them through an online marketplace such as

I'm sure this isn't the response you were looking for, and I apologize, but don't give up. You've obviously gotten good feedback here, people like the work they've seen from you, so use that and keep trying!


Rules rules rules, sometimes creativity can be stifled but don't lose heart, I am sure you will come up with great designs in the future :-)

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