look i made something

this is one post of mine that keeps changing.
so the comments below prob. make no sense if read one
after the other.

look i digitally painted and just wanted to share it with you


Old posts:

is this funny, or is it dumb? better yet, should I keep working on it or not?

i just thought of it out of the blue. what do you think?

if you're asking yourself "uhhh...what is it." these are the elements:

a destroyed boat in the background. a squid in the foreground. a boy holding a toy boat in the foreground.

if you're now asking yourself "uhhh...what is the story?" this is the story:

the giant squid, having destroyed the boat, is now eyeing the little boy's boat. he hates boats. get it. okay it's dumb i know.


original post:

merry christmas and happy holidays threadless i took this time off to draw i haven't drawn in awhile and i just wanted to show somebody


Watch this
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hey it looks so good! you can even do some handmade wall art, I imagine it in a big sized canvas.

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Pez Banana

That's beautiful... is it for a sub?

I love the feeling of depth and presence that the blurriness gives.

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thanks for the compliments, guys! I'm pretty happy with it. It's funny, I think I get better at drawing every time I take a break. I seem to notice big improvements in my skillz at least. still a long way to go, though!

i also updated this with a probably-bad idea I just came up with. I decided a few days ago to come up with a Threadless sub idea...this is the sole fruit of those thoughts. it is probably bad though.


i personally think your boat squid idea is cute. the only thing i'm confused about is their environment. from the sketch it looks like the boat is shipwrecked on land, having been destroyed by the squid. and the squid is on land, interacting with the boy. but squid and destroyed boat shouldn't be on land... right? that's the only part that is not computing for me.

Pez Banana

I'm a sucker for cute designs, and squids... but if you need to explain the concept or story, then something essential is missing.

I like the story, but i think it could be told in a much simpler manner. Perhaps the large boat is redundant / unneeded? How about the boy was playing with his small toy boat at the sea shore and out pops a little squid, eyeing his toy boat.

Keep it small scale: Small boy, small boat, small squid. Giant squids can wreck big ships. This here small squid wants to wreck a ship but his squid dad told him to stay home while he was at work (wrecking ships).

So he sees this toy boat which is just the right size for him. Will he wreck it? or will he become friends with the boy?

That's the story I see in your drawing, once you take away the large boat (and shrink a bit the squid).

Pez Banana

On the other hand, the original drawing of the boy and the blurry crystal things, would make an awesome shirt, and very much compatible with Threadless (in other words, it would sell).

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What if the little kid is running away from the boat and there is a display of toy boats with the kid in front of them saying "Get away from the boats this squid hates these boats" Get it because The Jerk?


Composition and idea is fine as far as I'm concerned. My suggestions would be to: 1. Make the squid in the water, just get rid of any parts of the legs going below the shore line. 2. Have the toy boat in front of the squid already broken like the boat in the background, the repetition will clue the viewer in on who the culprit is. 3. Have the boy cry in place.

You could keep the expression on the octopus, which would give it kind of a "who me/what's your problem, kid?" vibe, or you could have him have a gleeful expression and give off the impression of "hahaha! I regret nothing!" Either way would work for what you're going for.

You have an interesting story going on, I just think you chose a not optimal place in its timeline to tell it.

Again, just suggestions.


If you want bare minimum change to make it work... all you have to change is the kid. Have him clutching his toy boat for dear life with his back to the squid, giving the squid the evil eye. That will sell what's going on in the boy's and squid's mind all by itself.

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I know I am messing with the core concept here, but I think it would be funny if the squid was there but instead of a boy, there was a cop and a ship captain, you know, as if they were having to exchange insurance, etc

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hey look i made something new

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I love that painting.

that squid was dead cute too, what with the shifty eyes.

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marcelo! yo man. how's life?

and thanks, Lidija! I'm glad you like them. Maybe one day that shifty eyed squid will manifest itself into a full fledged threadless submission. just maybe!


Ooooooooooooooo!! I like!!

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things been good man, not awesome because, well... it's life. but good. how 'bout you?

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