Critique before I sub - Gnome Can Ya Dig It?

Okay, so I got declined and I completely understand...So how do I make this Threadless-worthy? The typography is no good (I know) what should I do to make it better? Would a mushroom or something look good?

Watch this

Draw a hole and then draw little dirt mounds that spell out the words.


Or do the words as if they were made of dirt. Play with a different or more realistic presentation and set the design on a centered position over the tee.

You can add some eroded textures or similar, or add dotted shadows.


sebastianblonde: I like your idea of using eroded textures, but I can't seem to figure out how to make them work in Illustrator.

likeartcouldsaveme: Well, it was supposed to be for the Threadless Loves Vintage challenge and I like garden gnomes and whimsy things... So I found the 70s phrase 'Can ya dig it?' and thought, some Gnomes have shovels...they dig things...yes, it is kind of weird/retarded, but I like it. Thanks.

Sorry for the terrible grammar.

Here is an updated version:


Much much better!! Keep working on it

There are tutorials here at Threadless as well as other sites and more sites for distressed textures. You can even search for other tutorials, I selected two random pages from the search engine.

If you are not sure about the effect you are willing to do, I suggest you to see some printed designs.

Hope this helps!


Thanks! This is very helpful. I appreciate your help.


The most Updated version so far. :) What can I do to make it better?


Furtherly updated! What else does he need?


What color shirt should I put him on?

Andr3wSal3 profile pic Alumni

light yellow


I'll try that, though I was thinking that Jade might look good too.

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