To anyone in Europe (or Australia/New Zealand)...

How's the weather like where you're at in August and September?

I need to put vacation requests in at work soon (planning to give them my choices tonight), and I'm putting three different requests for those two months. Would you come hang out or tell me cool places to visit?

Would anyone want to travel with me?!

My plan is to be in either Europe or Australia and New Zealand for about 2-3 weeks and I want to visit as many places as I can during that time.

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If you like grey clouds and rain, I could suggest this one place I know just off of mainland Europe. You could go inter railing in Europe and travel all over on one train ticket: RAIL It depends what type of holiday you want I guess.

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I wouldn't mind grey clouds and rain. I just want to get out of here! I've never traveled outside of the US and Canada.

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We're talking about a lot of rain, not just a shower, but people with webbed feet, Noah and the ark rain. The UK has some great historical and architectural things to see and do, but the weather can be pretty unreliable.

Italy is beautiful, nice food, pretty much free public transport (nobody ever checks tickets), fantastic tourist sights. Switzerland is one of my favourite places to visit, the countryside is unreal, its quite an outdoorsy place though. I spent a week driving around the South of France this summer, again lovely countryside and architecture, great food, crazy drivers and beautiful French girls.

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Hmm, I'm not too big a fan of nonstop rain. I can handle showers. All I'm thinking about are my shoes and socks being super soaked now. Hate that feeling!

Italy and France are most likely on the list of places to visit. Switzerland could be on the list. Ireland too. There are way too many countries to think of. 2-3 weeks wouldn't be enough at all.

the czar

My parents have been to Switzerland a few times and never stop talking about how amazing it was.

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Croatia, SE Europe, on Adriatic Sea, Hot and dry, days 30-40 celsius, nights 25-30 celsius.

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In gnl, western Europe has good weather in August & September, unless you go real high up North, but even there it's ok. So yep, Italy, France, Spain, Croatia, Greece look like a smart pick, and going around by train can be a good and not too expensive solution too...

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u just need to lure him and all his chins with food and he's there!


you'll probably have to lure randy with "saunas" and polar dips. jajaja


oops, stupid ricky martin's face is making me laugh in spanish.


End of winter/spring in aus/nz. Brisbane is gorgeous all year round, Christchurch will do all sorts, from bright sunny days to snow. But if you're in the north island it'd probably be pretty mild :)

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