Did you know that Santa is from Jupiter??

Jupiter, Florida, that is!!!

The outside of the box was decorated so adorably - but you'll have to trust me on this because I didn't take a pic of the box before I opened it up. I don't want any of you sick-os to have my address!!!

I opened the box and found a super cute card and lots of cute snowflake confetti

Huh-row, what have we heres??

The first thing I opened was this envelope with a cute doggie tag:

Inside was a bunch of awesome stuff made by Santa from her lil' biz "Hello Sweetcheeks." Dont'cha just lurve that name??!!

The next thing I pounced upon in the package were these yummy-looking (and made with all natural goodness) gummies! YUM NOM NOM YUM NOM!! I heart gummies so much!

Look how beautifully all of these packages were wrapped! Almost too pretty to open! But I dug in anyway!

Pretty package #1 contained: super cool journal notepads that you scratch away the silvery coating to reveal bright colors underneath. How freakin' rad is that??

Pretty package #2 contained: an adorable owl mug! LOVE! The cheesy grin proves the love

Season's tweetings!!

It even had cute owls on the inside!

Pretty package #3 contained: "What Happened Last Night?" band-aids! I can't imagine why anyone would think I would need these. *innocent blinking with big eyelashes

Pretty package #4 contained: a super rad unicorn magnet. I licked it and indeed, it tasted just like 'excessively strong' unicorn

Pretty package #5 contained: super-delicious looking coffee! Santa knows a girl needs her daily caffeine boost, especially during this time of the year!

Here are all of the pretty things together. So much cool swag!

Thank you so much for everything, Nicole!!! I love everything and I feel super loved and spoiled!! XOXOXOXO You're the best!!

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Aww Nicole is so lovely!


yay! awesome stuff. those journals look like so much fun


So jelly of those journals!! And that mug!! Santa likes you :)


Santa is so rad! I wish we didn't live on opposite poles :/

spacesick profile pic Alumni


pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

So cute! The owl mug is adorable :) And all that sweet looking garland hehe


Dick Dawson in Uranus?? What??


^^^ did I do it right??

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

I keep coming back here to look at the curious kitty ;) heheh


Hahaha! She is, indeed, very curious! One of her nicknames is "Curious Georgette" hee hee

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Nice loot! Lol @ "What Happened Last Night?" band-aids! :)


Hahaha It's almost like she knows me or something...

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So...uhhh...how did Santa's "White Christmas" taste?


I need to get some of those re-fillable K-cup dealies so I can try it :)

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