Secret Santa came to town!

I knew right from the get-go that this was an awesome package, what with the cool wrapping paper and the cozy scarf peeking out.

All of the presents had cute notes on them with little drawings. It was a really nice personal touch.

There were delicious foodstuffs!

These coffee cream cheese brownies are sooo good. I ate one on Thursday night and then I was thinking about it all day while I was at work on Friday. And then I went home and ate two more. And now I have less brownies. :-(. I am going to have to ration out the rest.

And check out this amazing cheese! I am so excited to try it, given my love of both coffee and cheese (and also beer, which is one of the recommended pairings).

Santa also included some books, like this one:

I can't wait to read it. I loved The Tin Drum so much.

This book is so cool. There are three panels inside, one for setting/situation, one for character, and one for scenario. You can flip through to generate story ideas.

So once I finish this post, I'm off to write my bestseller about a small-time embezzler gifted with paranormal abilities who decides to build a family of robots.


I am all about beads and beading and jewelry and making things, so I look forward to checking out the tips and projects in this.

What's next?

I am intrigued...

Romance novel magnetic poetry -- so fun! I didn't even realize that that was my face until my boyfriend pointed it out... haha!


Panoramic view of awesome presents:

I had a separate picture of the travel diary and neat pens, but it had a glare on it. But I love them too!

I must've been very nice this year to get such a marvelous package. Thanks so much, Jeanette! I can't express how thrilled I am with each and every item (although all of my exclamation points probably help). :D

Happy holidays!

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tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

Awesome stuff, Jeanette!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

hahaha your face on that gift. priceless.

jet approves

I'm so glad you liked everything! Confession: I almost kept that scarf for myself but I made good on it in the end. Also, your dog is adorable. :)

jet approves

Also, special thanks to Leon for the fantastic cover art for the magnetic poetry. He also pointed out that Sarah means princess. ;)




Tell me more about this pudding man...

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

what a cool santa :)

celandinestern profile pic Alumni

coffee flavored cheese sounds so awsum.

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