Your thoughts on a design + 2Up

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Aww, man you should have subbed it. I really liked that design the first time around, I like it even more now. There are some pretty crappy subs in the running for that contest. I think Morkki is a shoe in to win it.


Yeah, maybe you're right, but don't know...There's still something about it that doesn't work for me...I think i'll try to add some hopefully final touches to it and then i'll sub as regular. Is the text legible as it is now?


Thanks a lot, Dan! Don't get why i got the rejection mail, then. I guess it was for that one that i subbed twice. Thanks again for fast response :)

still have to learn the way to link stuff on the new site, though- previous links don't work, but i think it's not that necessary when you've direct links on the right sidebar of the blogger.

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