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Hi guys! This is my first time actually submitting a design to threadless. I'm wondering if you can help me out with both creative criticism and ratings on the design (since Im fairly new here)

I call the design "Habitat in a Bottle," and its a design submitted for the WWF contest :)

"This design is about keeping the planet clean, and preserving the habitats we still have. Each individual can do their part, something as simple as recycling your plastic bottles can help to reduce energy. When it comes to production, recycled material can be used instead of new material. Greenhouse gas emissions from extraction, preprocessing and production are significantly reduced.

Not only that but a Plastic bottle can take years to degrade in a landfill, by recycling we are helping to get rid of landfills and are helping to preserve the habitats we have!"

Please rate it here: Habitat in a Bottle
If you honestly believe it deserves a low rating than please explain to me why-
Thank you very much! :)

Watch this

Really like this design! Beautiful colors and shading. Love the animals too! $5 for sure!


Thank you very much :)

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