Here's things I miss/love

I miss Haya thinking chatting on AIM with you is the best thing ever

I (kinda) miss showing SpaceMitch I had a Styx colored vinyl

I miss Marbs, Courtney Pie, Wotto & Kitten, Toby, and the percentage blowwwwg

I miss Chris (jackanapes) chastising me for being flirty. Hey, it's who I am :)

I miss feeling left out because I wasn't as cool as Kayce

I love having made "in real life" friends (OMG more than I can count, ever. I mean people that I love and send Christmas gifts to)

I'm grateful that my husband is patient & puts up with all of this

I love that I can fly to Chicago and find a bunch of people that will be glad to love me, embrace me and be like, "Yes. Here is this hot pile of ass. I want it. I love it. I accept it."

O.k. There was a point to all of this. I am sure I will remember it tomorrow morning when I am sober. But I loves all y'alls to share it now when I am not so sober. When may just be the point.

Watch this

*which, not when

Fairly decent for a drunk girl


i totally know these feels, twigz. i love all you guys to bits. or buttz.


Awww so much love in one blog


awwwwwww, Twiggs! Your my favorite hot pile of threadless ass!! xoxoxoxox


also, I SO miss my times on threadless and still plan to go to the meetup, someday. Threadless peeps are the best peeps.


I miss being able to post youtubes. I am about 40% less entertaining sans youtubes.

TheInfamousBaka profile pic Alumni

I miss ToraSteve and Omair trolling new people. Those were my favorite kinds of blogs.


hahahaha sober me is slightly embarrased but also relieved this isn't worse (better) than it is

I miss the youtubes that were in my profile :(

You can still post them in blogs using old Threadless

Fo' shiz, Baka!

And you better come to a meat-up soon Nic!!! We need to real life drunk together :D

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Aww I miss much of these things too. Especially the % blog once I figured out how it worked ;) I trolled that blog for like 20 pages before I realized the numbers didn't really mean anything hahah

I miss


Serial, Lori... I miss the percentage blowwwg so much!! :(

Man, we had some good times on there. It was full of inappropriateness


OMG YES! noob trolling is my most favouritething ever


Wolf Hats and Noodly Boobs.4LYFE

Yes, indeedy!!! :D

Two things I most definitely love :)


Yum. Noodles.

I haven't eaten anything yet today. Must go find fud...


...before fud finds you



Those cats are plotting murder on whomever did that to them


I miss you, too, Becky!!!

We need a good, long, silly g+ chat sesh soon :D


I'm here for the hot pile of ass.


Yay, Brian!! Hope we guessed right that that was the one you guys liked but didn't get when you were up here, lol :D

*rawwwwr, Michelle ;)

spacesick profile pic Alumni

I miss having fun here :(



I still have fun here. There's less quantity of peeps to be silly with, but the quality of those who I am still silly with is high.

I just re-read that crazy sentence and it sounds like I am high.

But y'all know what I mean (I think)

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