One second...

Here's things I miss/love

I miss Haya thinking chatting on AIM with you is the best thing ever

I (kinda) miss showing SpaceMitch I had a Styx colored vinyl

I miss Marbs, Courtney Pie, Wotto & Kitten, Toby, and the percentage blowwwwg

I miss Chris (jackanapes) chastising me for being flirty. Hey, it's who I am :)

I miss feeling left out because I wasn't as cool as Kayce

I love having made "in real life" friends (OMG more than I can count, ever. I mean people that I love and send Christmas gifts to)

I'm grateful that my husband is patient & puts up with all of this

I love that I can fly to Chicago and find a bunch of people that will be glad to love me, embrace me and be like, "Yes. Here is this hot pile of ass. I want it. I love it. I accept it."

O.k. There was a point to all of this. I am sure I will remember it tomorrow morning when I am sober. But I loves all y'alls to share it now when I am not so sober. When may just be the point.

Watch this

*which, not when

Fairly decent for a drunk girl


i totally know these feels, twigz. i love all you guys to bits. or buttz.


Awww so much love in one blog


awwwwwww, Twiggs! Your my favorite hot pile of threadless ass!! xoxoxoxox


also, I SO miss my times on threadless and still plan to go to the meetup, someday. Threadless peeps are the best peeps.


I miss being able to post youtubes. I am about 40% less entertaining sans youtubes.

PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

I miss ToraSteve and Omair trolling new people. Those were my favorite kinds of blogs.


hahahaha sober me is slightly embarrased but also relieved this isn't worse (better) than it is

I miss the youtubes that were in my profile :(

You can still post them in blogs using old Threadless

Fo' shiz, Baka!

And you better come to a meat-up soon Nic!!! We need to real life drunk together :D

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Aww I miss much of these things too. Especially the % blog once I figured out how it worked ;) I trolled that blog for like 20 pages before I realized the numbers didn't really mean anything hahah

I miss


Serial, Lori... I miss the percentage blowwwg so much!! :(

Man, we had some good times on there. It was full of inappropriateness


OMG YES! noob trolling is my most favouritething ever

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Wolf Hats and Noodly Boobs.4LYFE


Wolf Hats and Noodly Boobs.4LYFE

Yes, indeedy!!! :D

Two things I most definitely love :)


Yum. Noodles.

I haven't eaten anything yet today. Must go find fud...

4 designs submitted - Score now!

...before fud finds you



Those cats are plotting murder on whomever did that to them


Dear twiggy, I miss/love you. :)


I miss you, too, Becky!!!

We need a good, long, silly g+ chat sesh soon :D

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By the way - got your X-mas package!



I'm here for the hot pile of ass.


Yay, Brian!! Hope we guessed right that that was the one you guys liked but didn't get when you were up here, lol :D

*rawwwwr, Michelle ;)

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I miss having fun here :(



I still have fun here. There's less quantity of peeps to be silly with, but the quality of those who I am still silly with is high.

I just re-read that crazy sentence and it sounds like I am high.

But y'all know what I mean (I think)

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